Will You Be Attending V-COP8 With Us This Weekend?

    Will you be attending V-COP8 with us this Jan 29th and 30th?

    👉 Register for the event here: https://climatehealers.org/v-cop

    During V-COP8, they are hosting presentations on the 7 Strategic Actions to advance the realization of a just VEGAN World by 2026!:

    1) Education, education, education
    2) Transitioning the System
    3) Food Healers
    4) Vegan Governance
    5) Vegan Economy
    6) Vegan Spirituality
    7) Vegan Ecology

    At V-COP8 this weekend, you can join keynote speakers, documentary filmmakers, scientists, politicians, artists, musicians, chefs, and more, all working together to create and promote a new story of human belonging in Nature and usher in the Homo Ahimsa stage of humanity – transitioning from a world of normalized violence to a world of normal nonviolence.

    Here are just a few of the presentations you will find:

    Diet Therapy for the Planet, with Dr. John McDougall
    Save our Ocean to Survive Climate Change, with Capt. Paul Watson
    The First Vegan Hospital in the World, with Georges Hayek
    The Future of Food: Sustainable and Compassionate, with Dr. Joanne Kong
    How to Think if You Want to Change the World, with Dona Sauerburger
    Conscious Candidates to Bring Vegans into Politics, with Molly Basler

    👉 Register for the event here: https://climatehealers.org/v-cop

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