Wombats and Their Underground Cities ❤️🌃 #shorts

Wombats and Their Underground Cities ❤️🌃 #shorts

Wombats are herbivorous marsupials with excellent senses of smell and hearing, and digging abilities.

Their burrows are very complex, with rooms and interconnected tunnels. In occasions, they share them with other animals, specially in cases of external danger.

Wombats are wonderful beings and offer many ecological services. However, the expansion of agriculture, cattle ranching and climate change are threatening their survival.

Although their burrows protect them from fire, prolonged bushfires, floods and drought have left their habitat decimated, causing many to suffer from hunger and thirst, even starving to death. Because they compete for food with introduced animals such as cows, sheep, and rabbits, some farmers consider them pests and kill them.

If you want to help wombats, remember that a plant-based diet implicates fewer greenhouse gasses, uses less land and water, and doesn’t introduce animals where they don’t belong.

Thank you, @wombatrescue on IG for your incredible conservation work! 🙏❤️

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