World Pulses Day: Moving Away from Animal Agriculture? #shorts #youtubeshorts #plantbased

World Pulses Day: Moving Away from Animal Agriculture? #shorts #youtubeshorts #plantbased

World Pulses Day is celebrated every February 10. This day was declared for the importance of these edible seeds for food security. 🎉

Apart from being very efficient in ecological terms, legumes are rich in protein, energy and micronutrients such as iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, sodium, potassium, selenium and vitamins, especially those of complex B, and A, E and C. And they don’t have cholesterol. 💪

In addition, legumes are very versatile and they are used to prepare plant-based meat, milk and cheese, and replace eggs in different recipes. With the help of the great variety of these fabulous foods, it is very easy to eat a healthy diet without having to contribute to animal exploitation. 💚

Aren’t pulses awesome? 🙌

Clips from: @thesavemovement @addictedtohumus @wei.grafik on IG

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