Young Calf At An Australian Dairy Farm 🐄💔

Young Calf At An Australian Dairy Farm 🐄💔

This young female calf is isolated and chained to a calf hutch at an intensive dairy farm 💔

This is done to manage risk of disease in the densely populated environment of intensive farming. 🦠

And sadly her life will only get worse from here. 😔

As they grow, female calves are raised to replace older dairy cows in the milking herd, entering a cycle of repeated impregnation and milk production. 🐄

This cycle continues until they are deemed “spent” and are slaughtered, usually before reaching a fraction of their natural lifespan. 💔

Is consuming dairy really worth a life of pain and suffering? 🥺

👉 Dairy Destroys Families: Pledge to Go Dairy-Free Today 💚

📹: VeganFTA
📷: Lissy Jayne / Bear Witness Australia / We Animals Media

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