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Vegan FTA is a growing online media platform, dedicated to working for the animals in order to help bring about a world where animals’ lives are valued and treated with the respect they deserve. In just a few short years, we have become one of the largest animal rights related presences in social media. 

We use our platform to highlight and amplify the great work of many individuals and organisations, bringing about meaningful change by:

  • Creating and producing our own unique impactful content 
  • Promoting impactful content and initiatives of others who may otherwise not be heard 
  • Celebrating the work of others and the positive changes being made 
  • Inspiring, encouraging, and enabling people to make a difference themselves 
  • Reaching a wider and wider audience with our powerful message 

The past 12 months have seen impressive growth in the size and reach of our global network.  Highlights include:

  • More than doubling our total followers across all platforms to over 1 million
  • More than tripling our engagement and impressions from last year 
  • Launching our Spanish channel, Vegan FTA Español
  • Regularly working with animal sanctuaries to share and produce videos, which have received millions of views
  • Producing and publishing over 30 unique articles or opinion pieces per month
  • Driving more than 10,000 clicks and over 700 Veganuary and Challenge 22
  • Regularly having the highest weekly distribution on Facebook out of all other vegan and animal rights related pages.

Our Plans and Goals for 2022

  • Building an online volunteer platform to allow people to find opportunities to volunteer and get active in their community (and online). Our aim is for this to be the first place that people will go to when they ask “How can I get involved?” 
  • Launching Veganism Around the World, a video series made by activists in different countries, highlighting all of the ways veganism is growing in their country and how people are working to accelerate it. 
  • Launching our Take Action 2022 campaign to generate support for social causes, building our own regularly updated database of petitions, which we will promote through the Vegan FTA website and social networks. 
  • Releasing the next season of our Activist video series and podcast
  • Expanding our Spanish channel, starting a podcast and video series. 
  • Launching our Vegan FTA Philippines channel
  • Incorporating some investigative journalism projects into our work, covering research and investigations involving data analysis and Freedom of Information Requests. 
  • Developing local “chapters” of Vegan FTA, working with local volunteers to manage community-specific social media accounts, curating all of the events, protests, meet-ups, and openings in their communities. 
  • Creating a regular weekly video series discussing news and events in the animal rights world. 
  • Creating monthly video mini-series highlighting the work of other creators and filmmakers 
  • Increasing our focus on short videos to use on networks like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube shorts as these have great potential to reach a wide, diverse audience outside of our regular reach

When you donate to Vegan FTA, your donation goes directly towards making these projects happen, and many more!

For The Animals. Always.