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Vegan FTA’s mission is to create a vegan world of informed individuals who value the lives of all sentient beings and to eliminate animal exploitation through compassionate lifestyle choices and advocacy. 

In just a few short years, we have become one of the largest animal rights-related presences in social media, with 1.8 million followers across our English and Spanish channels, as well as our new channels for the Philippines and Japan. With our large, ever-growing reach, we have the opportunity to make a huge difference for animals on a massive scale!

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  • Educates individuals about the many ways animals are exploited within the world’s current food systems
  • Provides information and resources to encourage individuals to choose compassionate, animal-free options
  • Shares information with a non-vegan audience to inspire more and more people to switch to a vegan lifestyle
  • Promotes content and initiatives of sanctuaries, organizations, and activists who may otherwise not go heard, such as animal rescue stories 
  • Contributes to the thriving vegan community by sharing and creating content to celebrate the positive changes being made within the movement
  • Brings about positive changes for animals through campaigns and collaboration with like-minded vegan organizations
  • Encourages individuals to use their voices to create change for animals through signing petitions and pledges and completing strategic online actions to end animal exploitation

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Check out our annual report to see everything we accomplished last year!

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