Veganism is more than just a diet -it’s a fulfilling, unique, and often hilarious way of life. From carrying a stash of emergency nutritional yeast to interrogating restaurants about the origins of menu ingredients, vegans have a distinctive way of navigating the world. Whether you’re a seasoned herbivore or just curious, get ready to chuckle at these 12 odd but common things vegans do.

  1. Talk about vegan food

When you’re vegan, you inevitably turn into a foodie. One of our favourite things to talk about is food, and how many delicious options there are to choose from. Whether you’re recipe-swapping or raving about the latest vegan junk food product, food will never be far from the tip of your tongue!

2. Talk to animals

We vegans LOVE communicating with our furry, scaly or feathered friends. Who knows if they can understand what we’re saying, but that’s no reason not to show them your love! Love is a universal language, and non-human animals deserve to feel loved, appreciated and respected.

4. Read ingredient labels

Vegans are seasoned label-readers. We have trained ourselves to recognise even the most unpronounceable ingredients! Dihydrogen monoxide, anyone? (don’t worry, it’s just water!) Any vegan knows all too well the struggle of finding milk listed in something you wouldn’t expect, but there are so many things to keep an eye on, from common dairy products to some non-vegan E numbers!

5. Talk about vegan brands/products

Non-vegan friends might get sick of hearing about it, but vegans are never too tired to talk about the newest vegan brands or products. Though they are much more common now than ever, there was a time in the not-so-distant past, when it was near-impossible to find any product labelled “vegan”! For that reason, the ever-present excitement for a new brand or product seems to be ingrained in all of us.

6. Talk about climate change

It’s pretty rare to find a vegan who isn’t also at least a LITTLE bit passionate about climate change. The animal agriculture industry as a whole has such a massive impact on our climate, and that’s a well-known fact about veganism! When you make the decision to go vegan, you make it for so many reasons. Because veganism is a moral stance against the exploitation of animals, we go vegan for the animals, but other common benefits might be your health, your morals, and the climate!

7. Bring their shopping bag, coffee cup, reusable straws…

Following on from vegans’ passion for climate change, many vegans are sticklers for reusable objects. Like animal agriculture, waste products like single-use plastics are a major contributing factor to the state of our earth today. Sticking to reusable shopping bags, water bottles, mugs and straws can drastically minimise your use of single-use plastics, and is a great way to contribute to maintaining the health of our planet.

8. Talk about animal rights

This one is just a given… isn’t it? Vegans are champions of justice for our furry, feathered, and finned friends. Animals have feelings and deserve to live happy, safe and dignified lives without ending up as someone’s dinner, but not everyone agrees. Advocating for animal rights is a crucial part of living a vegan life. Animals have a voice and tell us so clearly that they want to live, but we don’t listen. Vegans are out to make the world a kinder, more compassionate place, one plant-based burger at a time.

9. Take a B12 supplement

As B12 is mainly present in foods of animal origin, understandably, vegans can have a harder time incorporating it into their diets. A cupboard staple for every vegan is a good B12 supplement and is a very small price to pay to stop contributing to systemic cruelty! Vitamin B12 has several different roles in keeping your body working as it should. It’s a nutrient that helps maintain your body’s red blood cells healthy, maintains nerve function, helps to create DNA, and helps to prevent anaemia. In short, remember to take your B12, vegans!

10. Have lower cholesterol (on average)

Vegans tend to have significantly lower cholesterol than non-vegans! The biggest cause of high cholesterol is the consumption of processed meats, red meats like beef, pork & lamb, and dairy products -that is cows, pigs and sheep if you’re keeping track. Vegan foods have no cholesterol, as this is only found on the flesh of animals, including human animals! Our livers produce all the cholesterol we need, so stay away from animal products if you value your health! Please note each person’s cholesterol has big genetic component, so of course even without dietary cholesterol some vegans do have high numbers.

11. Live longer

As veganism is proven to lower your risk of many preventable diseases, it’s of no surprise that we (not to brag) live longer too! That might just be one reason to add to the ever-growing list of arguments for veganism. Nobody likes to hear that their dietary choices are likely to cause undesirable health effects, but knowledge is power! Consumption of certain animal products is linked to increases in blood pressure and cholesterol, and can lead to heart disease, stroke, and some types of cancer.

12. Make non-vegans feel bad

We know the lifestyle changes that come with adopting veganism can be challenging. Realistically, we know that no one will make a lifestyle change unless they truly want to. Many of us take it upon ourselves to offer educational information non-vegans, and a lot of the time this makes them feel guilty in the process. Really though, is it us? Or is it learning what goes on behind the scenes to put that steak on your plate?

Fabiana González
Fabiana González Manzo is a vegan and animal rights activist from Caracas, Venezuela. She studied Advertising and Public Relations at Universidad Complutense de Madrid and a Master of Arts in Communication at Mount Saint Vincent University in Canada, where she resides. Her two cat children consume her life and her phone memory, but she’s also interested in sociolinguistics, evolutionary linguistics, semiotics and memetics.